Equipment rental

We are pleased to offer equipment rental of systems for laser shaft alignment, geometric measuring and vibration analysis. On this page you can find more detailed information





SPM Instrument B.V. offers laser alignment rental equipment designed to help you increase machine reliability with easy-to-use, accurate alignment. Shaft alignment tools are trusted to readjust assembly line machines, DC motors, and other industrial equipment. When you make too little use of alignment equipment to justify the purchase of a laser system, or because you need an extra laser system for a measurement job, you can rent the right equipment at SPM Instrument. We offer various types of alignment instruments so you can have the right laser equipment at your disposal in every situation.

Some of the benefits of renting measuring equipment:
– Professional appearance
– No investment costs
– Always calibrated measuring instruments
– Fast and flexible


We also offer the possibility to temporary rent a condition monitoring system. This can vary from portable handheld measurement instruments to online monitoring systems. A temporary condition monitoring system allows rapid installation and is ideal for test installations, temporary monitoring of critical machines, etc.

Online systems can also be used as a multichannel logger with data acquisition based on various triggers when connected to a network. All online measuring systems are build into Pelican carrying cases which only needs power and a network connection to start monitoring. The systems are equipped with parallel measuring logic, alarm possibilities, storing and analysis logic. It has status LED indicators and USB connection for setup of the system.

Both vibration and shock pulse measurements can be performed using DuoTech® accelerometers.

Please contact us for an overview of our available equipment at: or call us: +31 416 373176.

Continuous monitoring

A permanently installed continuous condition monitoring solution is ideal for the surveillance of individual machines...